Facial cleansing is the very first step in our daily skin care routine. In order to have a healthy skin, this step is very important as it removes all makeup and dirt, allowing a clean skin to breathe normally. With that, then only skin care products in the next regime can be fully absorbed into our skin and do their work.

So, how to choose a suitable facial cleanser that can effectively do its job?

First, let’s see what’s the difference between types of cleanser. It is very important for you to choose the right products that suits your skin.

Cleansing Cream

The most common type of cleanser, easy to use and with abundance of foam. As its ingredients can be added to meet different skin types needs, almost all skin types can easily find the right product in the market.

This type of cleanser can be divided into soap-free and soap based formula, soap-free cleanser and the added surfactant will directly affect the quality of the product. A good facial cleanser usually adds an amino acid-based surfactant; a lesser-order, usually petroleum-based chemical synthetic product is used as a surfactant. The facial cleanser containing the soap based formula is similar to facial cleansing soap.

Cleansing Foam/Mousse

This is those type that you can directly press the foam out from the bottle, it can shorten the time of washing your face and can consider as the most convenient type of cleanser.

The foam itself is very delicate and can greatly reduce the friction between the hands and the face, so it is recommended for sensitive or acne skin types. Mousse is a liquid-like cleanser that saves time for busy modern people by just pressing the foaming pump on the bottle for foam.

Cleansing Soap

It has a strong cleaning power and must be combined with a foaming net to extract more foam. It is suitable for one whose skin is prone to oil or one who has a healthy and tolerant skin.

Bracts will be added into the manufacturing process of cleansing soap. Traditionally, cleansing soap will contain excess saponins, which is harmful for our skin. With the advancement of beauty technology, high-quality facial cleansing soaps will not leave excess saponins in the saponification process. Only that the soap itself will still be a little bit alkaline, but with higher cleansing power.

Cleansing Gel

The most refreshing cleanser. The biggest advantage is that it is very gentle and there will be no tension after washing, safe for sensitive skin too. It is suitable for one whose skin is prone to oil and acne, and one who wants to feel refreshing after cleansing. It emphasizes a refreshing gelatinous texture because it contains no oil and is easily combined with water, leaving pores with no dirt and clog-free.

Cleansing Powder

Enzymes that break down old dead skin cells are often used to help create smooth skin, while removing blackheads in the pores. The keratin renewal is not normal, and the skin is more likely to be rough and dull. Most of the powdered products contain enzymes that thoroughly cleanse the old dead skin cells and the deep pores. Grease-free is also one of the characteristics of powdered cleanser.

“Know your skin, choose your cleanser.”

Our sebaceous glands secrete a layer of lipid on the surface of the skin called SEBACEOUS LIPIDS. The sebum membrane has an effect to form a protective layer on the surface of the skin

, which slow down the evaporation of water in the stratum corneum and prevents the skin from becoming dry.

The pH value of the sebum membrane is just 5.5, which is an environment in which bacteria cannot survive. A good bottle of cleanser must not wash away this skin-friendly protective layer. Once the sebum membrane is destroyed, it takes three to four hours to re-establish, and long-term destruction of the sebum membrane will lead to skin fatigue, dehydration leading to aging and dark spots while causing the skin to become very sensitive.

A good bottle of cleanser must have additional functions in addition to the cleaning function. The Daily Purifying Cleanser is formulated with provitamin B5, amino acid and beta glucan that effectively dissolve dirt, oils and makeup from the pores without irritating the skin. In addition to its cleansing function, it consist of colloidal silver, act as an antibacterial mineral solution which repair skin and kills bacteria. This colloidal silver also provides superb wound care and contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce and eliminate swelling on skin.

Wrong use of skin care products can cause skin to become sensitive, which is why we need to carefully choose products that suit our skin.

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