5 Simple Rules to Correctly Washing Your Face

Washing your face may seem simple, but many of us still doing it the wrong way. Follow these simple rules and you will find your skin looks differently.

Rule #1: Use Lukewarm Water

The temperature of the water used for washing your face is very important. It is best to moisten your face with lukewarm water. Because the water vapor in the hot water will cause pores to open and enlarge, as well as causing the skin’s natural moisturizing oil to loss excessively. Although cold water helps to shrink pores, but direct use of cold water does not fully open up our pores, oil and dirt on the face may not be washed thoroughly.

Rule #2: Foaming

Pour a coin-sized cleanser to the palm of your hand and rub with a small amount of water until a rich foam appears. This is the most important step. If the cleansing milk is not fully foamed, it will not clean effectively and it will remain in the pores cause acne. Remember to make foam with the cleanser in the palm of your hand before applying it onto your face. The more the foam, the better.

Rule #3: Massage

First, spread the foam onto the entire face in a circular motion. Massage the cheeks first, then massage the forehead for a longer time. Finally, massage around the eye, mouth and chin. Try to massage as soft as possible and be careful not to use too much force to avoid wrinkles. The general massage time is about 3 minutes to achieve a good cleaning effect.

Rule #4: Soft Facial Cotton

Always choose a soft facial cotton. After fully moisten


, gently press the facial cotton onto face. After a few times, the cleansing lotion will be removed. With this, it will not dry up skin and burden sensitive skin. Do not wipe with a towel, this will hurt the skin surface.

Rule #5: Rinse with Cold Water

It is recommended to rinse the face with cold water after cleansing to help the pores shrink. The specific method is: use both hands to hold the cold water to splash the face for about 20 times or apply an iced towel onto face. This step will tighten the pores and promote facial blood circulation.

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