5 Facial Cleansing Common Mistakes
Mistake 1 – Cleansers contain chemical ingredients. It is most natural to wash your face with water only.

Washing your face with clean water can only clean the surface of dust and sweat


, it cannot replace the deep cleaning and oil removal effect of conventional cleanser. We should choose cleanser according to our skin and season. In general, people with oily skin should choose foam-type facial cleanser with stronger decontamination ability; those with dry skin should choose milder and hydrating cleansing products; for those with combination skin type may choose moisturizing type cleanser.

Mistake 2 – Let your face dry naturally can hydrates your skin.

Many people deliberately do not dry their faces after washing as they feel their skin moist, hydrated and comfortable. In fact, natural air drying will reduce the skin temperature, cause blood vessels to contract and require more water, making skin drier. This is why sometimes the face that is naturally dried feels tight and stiff. Therefore, it is best to use a clean and soft towel to cover your face after washing, allow it to gently absorb the moisture on the surface of the face and then use toner to replenish water and lock in moisture.

Mistake 3 – After washing the face with a cleanser foam, the skin is tight and nutrient loss.

Some people have the misconception that foam-type facial cleanser has a strong decontamination ability and will take away a lot of water from the skin. In fact, after using the foam-based cleansing products, the facial skin tension is caused by the detergent washing off the sebum and the “natural moisturizer” contained in the keratin. In addition, completely non-foaming cleansing products should be used together with foam-based cleansing products, otherwise oil and dirt will build-up will be caused by the inability to thoroughly cleanse facial stains.

Mistake 4 – It will be cleaner if you wash your face with a towel.

This method is wrong. The towel loop is larger than the pores and it is difficult to remove dirt and oil deep in the skin. At the same time, in the process of rinsing, the clean towel will repeatedly carry the air, dust and stains that are contain in the water and it is not good for face cleaning.

Mistake 5 – If the face is oily, wash it with water several times to remove oil.

In the hot weather, the facial oil secretion is strong and many people hate the oily feeling on their face, so they wash their faces every time they go to the bathroom. In fact, frequent face washing cannot solve the problem of excessive secretion of oil on the face, but it will lead to increased secretion of facial oil and then take away the moisture of the face.

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