About Lumese Cosmetic

Specially made for Asian. Focusing the unique structure of Asian skin. Back to basics and says it all with the ingredients and formula used in all our products.

The Untold Secret to Perfection


Considering the differences in skin structure of each individuals, we researched and tested to ensure skincare products that we have designed fulfilled what your skin need, giving you the best physical effect as possible, subsequently revealing the inner beauty and self-confidence as a perfect individual.

Easy to Shop

Wide range of products easily available on the go, either directly from our official website or through our dealers worldwide.

Safe for All

Uses ingredients that are Sharia compliant & follow manufacturing process fulfilled with the Halal Standard of Malaysia.

Good For Skin

Uses only raw materials with highest quality that are effective, yet harmless to skin.

Making Beauty Products Since 2003

Founded since 2003, specially researched, tested and developed two major range of products to cater for both professionals and home-use needs, with the use of high quality Sharia compliant ingredients and strictly follow manufacturing process fulfilled with the Halal Standard of Malaysia, ensuring that it is safe to use for everyone, include the Muslims.

Beauty Treatment for Salon

Specially designed series for professional beauticians that provides flexibility for professional beauticians to choose and tailor the best treatments for their customers.

Pamper Yourself at Home

We make Lumese skincare into series that is sold through people, shops and beauty salons, allowing customers to maintain beautiful, youthful skin at ease, even at home.

Why Choose Lumese Cosmetic

Considered different skin type and environment for Asian people, Lumese Cosmetic came out with skincare products specially made for Asian.

So, what makes us focusing on Asian skin instead?

Skincare regime of Asian skin is very different compare to others, credited to numerous factors, ranging from the different climatic conditions our skin exposed to, our different dietary habits, to factors such as different genetic structure of the skin and even the air conditions that we are exposing to everyday.

With all these factors in mind, we work on our researches to ensure products that we have developed can protect our skin from all these harmful substances, presenting a youthful and vibrant look, portraying the self-confidence of an individual.

We understand the risks that our skin are facing

The climates, the air pollution, the electropollution, the eating habits, the lifestyle and even the genetic structure.

We develop only with high quality ingredients

Researched, tested and developed with only raw materials which are high in quality to ensure they are effective, yet safe for everyone.

We comply to Halal Standard

Equipped with manufacturing process fulfilled with the Halal Standard of Malaysia and uses only ingredients that are Sharia compliant.

It’s been a great experience working with Lumese Cosmetic team. They made wonderful products & my clients love them!


Now I can enjoy a professional beauty treatment session even at home. Thanks to their take-home series!


Why stuck in the jam just to get your favourite skincare products? Order online and wait for it to deliver at your doorstep!


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